What is the best way to experience Sarangkot?

The prime way to experience Sarangkot are sunrise view point, Paragliding, zip flyer, and easy half-day hike.

You can see scenery of Himalayan Mountain and exploration of rural life. Sarangkot is worth one day destination in Pokhara.

I know Sarangkot as nearest sunrise view point from Pokhara. You can see the best scenery of a sacred mountain, Machapuchare, the home of Lord Shiva.

It only took a 30 minute drive from the city.

If you only have 24 hours and you want to experience adventure and hike in the same time, Sarangkot is the best option.

Sarangkot (1600 meter) categorized as Moderate altitude.

It’s famous for panoramic Himalayan views, dazzling white, and beautiful Dhaulagiri (6th highest mountain in Nepal).

The Goddess of the Harvest Annapurna (8th highest mountain in Nepal).

The Mountain of Spirits Manaslu (7th highest mountain in Nepal), Fewa lake and down on the city of Pokhara (1400 meter).

There are some of sunrise view point in Pokhara. Sarangkot and poonhill are the popular sunrise view point here.

Nearest Sunrise View point in Pokhara
Nearest Sunrise View point in Pokhara

You can trek to Poonhill and experience the best sunrise view of Himalayan Mountain if you have at least 4-5 day to trek or you can experience sunrise view from Sarangkot hill without hike, if you only stay at Pokhara in limited time.

In fact, Sarangkot is the best choice to experience half-day hike.

There are several options of half-day hike: walk up to Sarangkot Hill, hike to Pokhara lakeside from Sarangkot hill. 

Hike from Sarangkot to the nearest villages such as Naudada.

Except for beautiful sunrise view point and half-day hike, Sarangkot also known as hotspot of Paragliding.

Recreational adventure sport of flying. People flight with Paragliding Pilot (Tandem) due to safety and experience level.

Paragliding cost around 75 USD per 30 minutes.

Include pickup and drop off point at your hotel at lakeside Pokhara, signing some documents relating to safety, checking all safety elements and flying for 25-30 minutes over Lake Phewa.

Adventure sport always have a risk. Even though Paragliding here is safe.

Paragliding operators in Sarangkot have a good safety standard. There are associations that shelter them, which make regulations and supervision.

On average there 150-250 more Paragliding every day in peak season.

Another adventure activity is two minutes Zip flying.

You will experience the most exciting minutes.

The operator have professional trainers and the security measures are followed, to ensure your safety.

The nearest sunrise view point

* Note USD$1 equal to 14,400 Nepalese Rupee

Sarangkot can be reach from tourist center in Pokhara.

Tourist stay at hotel in Pokhara city since there are so many options of good hotel lakeside and great restaurant with cheap price and delicious food.

You also can stay at a hotel near Sarangkot for about 1000 NPR or around USD$8. There are some pleasant places to stay. Some people say it would be better if you reach Sarangkot on the previous night. But for me, I prefer to stay at Pokhara

To enjoy sunrise, please check sunrise time in advance, so you will not miss the sunrise.

Sunrise View Point Entrance Fee: USD$1

Transportation (two ways):

Hiring private taxi for 800-2000 rupees (USD$7–16). Bargain to get the good price. You can reach Sarangkot within 30-40 minutes depends on the road conditions.

Walk up about 15-20 minutes. A taxi will wait about an hour, then return you to your hotel. Make this clear when you bargain. Ask the receptionist at a hotel, it’s better to book night before.

Hiring a bike for the day 600-1000 rupees (USD$5 – 8+). You can hire a bike, drive with your own or hire one with a driver. Be careful because of the road condition and you might ride in the dark.

Wearing a helmet. Better to hire with driver because of the road and save your time.

Hike for free about 3-5 hours, start from Baglung bus park or Phewa Lake. To enjoy sunrise view, you need to walk very early start or rather a late night. B

e aware because of poor lighting and bad trails. I advise to hire Guide here, because tiny village not marked.

Share a taxi By Tour: Many hotels or agents run the tour. If you need the transportation only, you can ask hotel to arrange sharing cost.

The cost almost same as getting a taxi yourself, except there is no guide when you go by taxi. But it’s okay since Sarangkot is very easy and popular, so you will not get lost.

What to do:

Walk up to sunrise point for 15 minutes, enjoy the sunrise, when the upper limb of the Sun appears on the horizon. You will see Dhaulagiri (8167m), Machhapuchhare (6993m) and Annapurna II (8,091m).

You also can enjoy breakfast here. After sunrise, walking down and drive back to Pokhara

What to bring:

If you want to do Paragliding, when you back down from Sarangkot to Pokhara, bring only a bum bag or small bag to save your hand phone, passport and money.

If you want to enjoy sunrise only, bring your precious and essential things like phone, money and passport. Some snack, mineral water in your tumbler, so you are not leave your bottle trash there, respect the nature. You also need a torch, mosquito repellant, camera, tripod or selfie stick.

Don’t Do:

Don’t leave your trash. Mind your step since there are a lot of peoples.

Did you know?

Just for Sarangkot, you would not need a permit.

Don’t expect calm and silence moment during sunrise. In the prime season, there’s a sizeable crowd. It can get noisy and make you upset. Even though the Mountain View is mesmerizing.

Paragliding and Zip Flyer

Paragliding and Zip Flyer Travel Pokhara
Adventure Activities : Paragliding and Zip Flyer in Sarangkot

Many tour operators sell Paragliding packages. They operate flights 3 times a day. First Flight around 10:00 a.m., second flight at 12:00 noon, and last flight at 14:00 p.m.

At least, book 1 night before, so they can prepare for you in advance.

Choose the first flight if you like to fly calm since the thermal has not formed yet. Or choose a second and last flight, if you love experience and more dramatic, because the sun has warmed up the land and the flights are more turbulent.

Take Paragliding in spring and autumn season. Spring start from March until May.

Autumn between September and November.

Avoid the heavy monsoon rains (June and August) and chilly winter (December-February)



Mountain Hike Nepal sell Paragliding tour packages for USD $75  (includes transport and insurance, Transfer service, Photo/Video, Safety equipment) .

There are plenty tour operator with price range between USD $75 to USD $120

Transportation: Include in the packages.

What to do:

You sit in a separate harness in front of the pilot, at first glance looks like a large backpack put on our bodies. You need to run to take off.

Once you are floating, it feels fly like a bird.

Pilots will invite us to chat and also let us know the scenes surrounding. Himalayan mountain, Fewa lake and green forest. We just sit and enjoy the view.

All tandem pilots must carry a GoPro camera with their selfie stick, and he will photograph us from various angles, against a backdrop of Snowy Mountains or lakes.

Don’t forget to follow pilot’s instruction where to face and when to smile so that the photo results are good. So, you can post it’s in your social media account.

What to bring:

  • Good shoes for running. You need to run to take off, dude.
  • No need to bring a camera, your Pilot will take video and photo for you. But if you want to bring your own camera, it possible. Preferable pocket or small camera.
  • Small bum bag to save your phone, money and passport. If not you can bring your cellphone and money for the tip to the pilot, in your pants pocket or zipper pocket.
  • If you wear glasses, make sure your glasses is tight, or have glasses strap.

Don’t Do:

  • Wear slippers.
  • Wear loose jewelry or clothes that not comfortable for flying. Better use pants.
  • Bring a bag because at the take-off location there is no storage. After landing, we don’t return to the take-off place again.

Did you know?

You can bring a pocket camera with a strap. Put the strap on and tighten the wrist. The pilot will give us a chance to take pictures early in the flight, but after he takes out his GoPro, they ask us to turn off or pocket our cameras.

Be careful, you bear, because of the risk of the camera. We do not recommend taking your cellphone out of your pocket to take a picture, because it is very susceptible to falling.

There are some people who feel nauseous or dizzy when they hover in the air. Once you feel dizzy unbearable, just ask the pilot to land, unnecessary to wait 15 or 30 minutes to landing

Zip Flyer

This sport begins at Sarangkot (1625 meter) in Pokhara and finishes at Hemja (960 meter).

It is the longest and highest Zip flyer path, after the one in Alaska with a 1600 meter long.

It is convenient and allows use of robust, solid, and certified technology, by setting the standard of the world class. So no need to worry.


USD $80 (includes transport)

Transportation: Include in the packages.

What to do:

  • Head towards Sarangkot early in the morning
  • Free fall from one hill to another
  • Enjoy the mountain range and lake from sky

What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Snack and mineral water in your tumbler

Did you know?

Adventurer doesn’t need any kind of training and experiences to perform this adventure activity, but the courage to fly in the middle air at a certain height and speed is important.

I advise cardiac patients and people with other serious illnesses not to join as little fear at that height can be harmful to health and can cause life damage, and the company will not be liable for that

Sarangkot travel pokhara
Top Activities in Sarangkot

3-6 Hour Easy Level Day Hike

You can experience sarangkot by hike or drive to Sarangkot and back down to Pokhara Lakeside by walk.

If you will not have a guide, you need to buy a guide book with a map which will help with all your questions.


  • Hike to Naudada by Operator: USD $95
  • Hike down to Pokhara Lake Side by Operator: USD $60

Both (include two-way Hotel pickup by private car and driver, breakfast and Lunch with tea/ coffee, one experience hiking guide with his salary and meals, official charge and 13% Government VAT)

  • Without Operator: Free, you only need to pay taxi or car to Sarangkot Hill and buy a guide book

What to do:

  • Drive early in the morning with private vehicles to Sarangkot hill and experience sunrise.
  • Hike to Naudada or hike down to Fewa Lakeside Pokhara.
  • After Naudada/lakeside, the private car picks up and drives to your hotel in Pokhara.

What to bring:

  • Good and comfortable shoes for hike
  • Jacket and comfortable clothes
  • Backpack to put your mineral water (use a tumbler for a sustainable eco environment) and snack, chocolate is good to add instant energy.

Don’t Do:

  • Leave the trash
  • Not recommended for travelers with back problems
  • Not recommended for pregnant travelers

Cost by Operator Tour: 95 USD (include two-way Hotel pickup by private car and driver, breakfast and Lunch with tea/ coffee, one experience hiking guide with his salary and meals, official charge and 13% Government VAT)


You can experience Sarangkot by yourself or a book from the tour operator.

The prime way to experience Sarangkot are sunrise view point, Paragliding, zip flyer, and easy half-day hike.

I suggest you to book form the operator to avoid troublesome.

Sometime the price is similar compare to troublesome that could be happen when you arrange by yourself.

Book in advance will be easy for you, since you have the operator to help you and you can focus to enjoy your travel without hustle.

I recommend mountain hike Nepal as their price is fair since they arrange based on basic services that you need.

But please ensure yourself to get clear and good understanding about their term and policy also cancelation fee, if you cancel the tour and cannot make it.

Activities in Sarangkot
Activities in Sarangkot

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