Trekking Review: The benefit of Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight

Benefit of Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight

Everest base camp is the second largest trekking destination in Nepal after Annapurna region. It need 12-14 days trekking on average. Seeing the highest peaks, Mount Everest, from close is very tempting.

Here I will write my honest review about “Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight” by Mountain Hike Nepal. The Government registration number of Mountain Hike is Govt. Regd. No 189775/74/075. They are one of reliable tour and trekking company in Nepal.

The following are the benefit that make this trips special “Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight”:

  • Private trek with your own-group based Heli ride (4 peoples in your group).

The benefit of Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight is save your time. It because flight to Lukla using regular flight, wing-fixed aircraft, can delay for hours and days.

The weather in Lukla-Himalaya always changes. Helicopter ride from Kathmandu to Lukla make your itinerary run as your plan without skip acclimation day.

It’s also to avoid the opportunity of missing your international flight back to home.

  • Not only save your time but also save your cost the price more affordable when you book in one package. If you book regular trek and book round-trip helicopter flight in a different package, the price will be expensive.

This mix itinerary “Everest trek combine with round-trip helicopter ” give you mix experience, trekking to the highest peak in the world and scenic 360-helicopter view with affordable price because you can get a discount from charter helicopter.

  • Free Half-Day tour to Bhaktapur Durbar Square. One of the ancient palace in Nepal, which is also regarded as UNESCO cultural world heritage.
  • Include 4-star hotels in Kathmandu. this is the best deal. Most of tour agencies only put the traveler in 3 star-hotel.

The Limitation or things to consider:

  • You need to book in your own group (4 person).

If you are solo, then the price will be different. They need to arrange you in other sharing-group helicopter or if you are doesn’t have an objection; you need to pay a normal price, which is more expensive. But this is not a problem since the price still lower compare to other.

  • Book in advance. You need to book at least 3-6 month before your departure. This is will give time for them to arrange your trip with a good price and to discuss your itinerary in details.
  • You need to check if you have any physical condition that hold you back to do trekking or helicopter ride. If you wish, read this article for details.: Is a Nepal Helicopter Tour right for you?

Cancelations from Lukla are common: Save your time by Helicopter flight

Benefit of Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight
Benefit of Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight

The runway in Lukla Airport is very short and surrounding by the mountain. The end of the runway is valley and wall. This reason makes Lukla count as the most dangerous airport in the world.

Lukla’s altitude is 2,860m. At these altitudes, air density will lower than sea level.

It will affect the engines of aircraft. In this altitude, longer runaway is better.

Other problems that can affect the itinerary of trekking are weather and wind speed. Duration of flight only 25-35 minutes, but the weather is unpredictable and can change in a brief time. Sometimes mist, rainstorm, fog, or snow. The weather can different from Kathmandu’s weather, and sometimes changes while the airplane is on its way.

It forces the planes to turn around and return to Kathmandu. Delay and cancelation are very common.

It’s better to choose morning flight, since afternoon sometime is cloudy so get more chance to cancel and scheduled in the next early morning.

These unpredictable weather can make the flight at Lukla delay for several hours or days.

Lukla (Tenzing–Hillary Airport) is the only one domestic airport for trekker who want to go Everest base camp. That’s why this airport also very important.

If you can’t get a flight to Lukla, then your trekking will be a delay. You cannot go trekking on scheduled and it effect to all your itinerary. Most of the people deal with these things with shortening the trek and speed up the walk. Some of them also skip acclimation days.

But the government and some expert in medical health, not advise trekker to skip the acclimation day and shortening the itinerary by walking fast and put the body in higher altitude so fast.

They categorize Everest base camp as very high altitudes trekking. It could be dangerous, because if you speed up your trekking without acclimation, then the opportunity to get AMS is bigger. Your body need acclimation to avoid AMS.

Many of trekker does not have a longer time to trekking in Everest. The average is 12-14 days. That’s why manage the time without getting a rush and sacrifice the safety is crucial.

Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight to Lukla is the best option to overcome these problems. As a result, you can finish your trek as per your itinerary. There are no wasting extra days to wait for the wing-fixed aircraft flight.

It is also reduces your risk of missing your international flight back to home and helps you to complete the trek.

The reason Helicopter can help you save time is Helicopter can land everywhere, so if in the middle of the way you back to Kathmandu or going to Lukla, the weather become worse. The helicopter can search location for landing without going back to Kathmandu.

Mixed Experience in one trip: Trekking & Helicopter ride, fly with 360 scenic Himalayan view

Benefit of Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight
Benefit of Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight

Mountain-Hike arrange Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight, to make the trekking on time as trekker’s plan and to give the traveler two-mix experience. Trekking to the highest mountain in the World and enjoy helicopter ride.

The experience of Helicopter ride from Kathmandu to Lukla is different with fixed-wing aircraft.

Helicopter ride makes us experiencing 360 panoramic view of green forest and Himalayan peaks.

This possible because helicopters can take off and land vertically. Helicopters can rotate 360 degrees, hover in one place and fly at very low speeds.

Read: Is a Nepal Helicopter Tour right for you?

Free Half-Day tour to Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Bhaktapur Durbar Square

This trip also includes a half-day visit to ancient palace Bhaktapur Durbar Square. This old-palace is one of Nepal’s 8 Cultural World Heritage Sites.

Kathmandu was an autonomous city within the valley. But in the 14th century they unified the valley under the rule of the Malla king of Bhaktapur.

In the 15th century, it had split once more, this time into the three autonomous kingdoms of Kathmandu, Patan or Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

In ancient time, Bhaktapur Durbar Square is one of three Durbar Square in kathmandu valley that have a very important rule in trans-Himalaya trade.

Bhaktapur has the best-preserved palace and old city center in Nepal.

It has many temples, spectacular Newari architecture, wood, metal, and stone artworks.

Now, Bhaktapur durbar square is a national gallery. Anyway, they do not allow peoples to enter the temple and take a picture of the living goddess.

There is Golden Gate, which leads into Mulchok Court, which is home to the Taleju Temple.

Taleju temple is a temple that dedicated to the goddess Taleju Bhawani.

These also include shrines to both the Taleju Bhawani and Kumari.

Important Notes of Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight

Book the Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight only at spring time and fall.

The risk when you book at monsoon time is helicopter can’t flight in monsoon time because of the weather.

I advise you to book in advance, before your plan and discuss with a trip advisor before you order.

In these itinerary, it’s include The Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight that will take you the enormous shadows of eight-thousand ers–Mount Everest (Sagarmatha), Lhotse and Makalu.

You also will hike to Nagarjun Hill and Kala Patthar. This is the two most popular viewpoints in Everest Region, for 8000-meter peaks.

The other experience that you will get is get familiar with Himalayan mountain culture and Sherpa generosity, enter the sacred portals of ancient Buddhist monasteries and meet with Himalayan flora and fauna at UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, Sagarmatha National Park.

The price for this trip, Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight, is full-board price. It means the price includes Airport pickups and drops using a private vehicle, 4-star hotel rooms in Kathmandu (3 Nights) with breakfast (Twin sharing Basis), Charter Helicopter flights (Kathmandu- Lukla -Kathmandu), 5 nights in best lodges and 6 nights in best local lodges in the mountain.

Please keep in mind that the teahouse in the mountain is very basic. It’s different with the hotel in the city.

You also no need to worry about all local meals (Dhal bath) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the trek. It’s include the welcome and farewell dinners, please mention about your preferences for food (Halal for Moslem)

The other cost is cover for a guided city tour in Kathmandu by private vehicle, entrance fees for sightseeing/monument visits as per the itinerary, An experienced, English-speaking and government-licensed trek leader, Porter service (2 trekkers: 1 porter) to bring your bags, Staff costs including their salary, insurance, equipment, food, and accommodation, renting cost for down jacket and sleeping bag, All necessary paperwork and trekking permits (ACAP, TIMS), Medical kit (carried by your trek leader) and All government and local taxes.

These not too different with other agencies that offer full board trekking except 4-star hotel rooms, Charter Helicopter flights, private trip and free Bhaktapur tour with guide.

How much the cost for Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight

Benefit of Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight
Benefit of Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight

The price for Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight is $2,650. This price for one traveler that book with their own group, minimum person in group is 4. If you have more peoples in group then the price will be cheaper.

The most highlight here is 4-star hotel rooms, trek to Everest base camp in your own private group with maximum 4 peoples in group, an experienced English-speaking and government-licensed trek leader, free visit Bhaktapur ancient palace and round trip Helicopter ride.

You need to be careful when choose agencies. Based on my experience, most of tour agencies with “cheap” price , make you join in a big group (over 20 people), only give you a 3-star hotel and doesn’t give you private city tour with guide. Most of them only deliver and bring the driver with you, and frequently I found that the driver not speak English and not so knowledgeable about the history of the palace.

Big group could give you problem, because you need to wait, and the guide will overwhelm and can’t focus. There are also an opportunity that the itinerary will not on-schedule.

The normal price is $USD 4000. It’s more expensive because you need to pay charter helicopter.

If you are traveling to Lukla alone and want to fly by helicopter, then you also can ask the trip planner to arrange a special trip for you and ask them to arrange group joining helicopter flight to Lukla.

Since there are regular helicopter flights to Lukla during peak tourist seasons, you can book a flight for you from Kathmandu–Lukla or Lukla- Kathmandu by Helicopter.

Everest Base Camp Trek Location

Benefit of Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight
Benefit of Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight

Kathmandu to Lukla / Lukla to kathmandu by Helicopter












Trek from Lukla to Everest Base Camp (5364 meter)

How to Book Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight?

To book the trip, you can visit their page here, Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight. You can fill the enquiry form or booking form and pay down payment. But I suggest you to discuss with the trip planner first about your plan before booking the trek. So they can arrange the special trip based on your preference condition.

If you wish to see the details, please visit this link, about a special trip arranged by Mountain Hike Nepal.

That’s all my review about Everest Base Camp Trek with Round-Trip Helicopter Flight. Heli ride with Everest base camp trek will save your time. I hope this article can help you decide whether you go to take a regular trek to Everest base camp or include round-trip helicopter ride in your itinerary.

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