A Guide: Why Consider Langtang Trek and Helicopter Tour?

langtang terkking and helicopter ride

Langtang is about 51 kilometers north of the Kathmandu. Langtang National Park is the first protected area in Nepal.
It’s borders with the autonomous Tibetan region.
Langtang is third trekking destination after Annapurna and Everest, and it’s the nearest trekking destination from Kathmandu. Many trekkers choose Annapurna and Everest region. That’s why Langtang trekking is less crowded.
The location of Langtang, that near of Kathmandu, makes Langtang trekking is easy and cheap access. There are no internal flights needed, like Annapurna and Everest region.
langtang trekking and helicopter ride gosaikunda
langtang trekking and helicopter ride gosaikunda
In short, Langtang is a beautiful area with high Alpine pastures, Gosaikunda holy lakes, stunning mountain views, interaction of cultural Tamang, easy and cheaper. It is suitable for you that enjoy trekking in quite place and only have a short amount of time to do trekking.
Here is the consideration that you need to know before trekking to langtang valley and take a helicopter ride in same time.
Meet up with Tamang community, the footprint of Tibetan in Nepal.Trekking up to Tserko-Ri Kjangjin Ri (4984m), the highest point most we can reach on the Langtang Trek, to see the beauty of snow-capped gigantic mountain.
Its take 3 to 5 hours to the summit to see the fantastic views of the upper Langtang Valley and surrounding peaks and glaciers.
We can see the face of Langtang Lirung (7227m) which is the highest peak of the Langtang Himal. Langtang Himal is a subrange of the Nepalese Himalayas. It’s locate at southwest of the eight-thousander Shishapangma (8,027m).
Not only trekking up to the mountain but also taking a helicopter ride going down back to Kathmandu. Helicopter ride itself is another unique experience. You will experience the eye-bird view of Kyajin monasteries, Holy Lake Gosaikunda, and Kathmandu valley. Mix adventurous experience in one journey.
Here I write the complete guide on what to expect at Langtang trekking and langtang helicopter ride.

What to expect in Langtang Trek an

d Helicopter Tour

Meet up with Tibetan footprint in Nepal: Tamang Culture and History

taman shaman come to Gosaikunda to dance and perform sacred rituals around the lake
taman shaman come to Gosaikunda to dance and perform sacred rituals around the lake
Tamang History – There is a common belief that “Tamang” comes from Tibetan language “Tamag” means “Ta” or horse and “Mag” means rider. In short, Tamang is horse rider or soldier that ride a horse. It’s belief that after war between Tibet and Nepal, some of soldier of King Tsrong Tschong Gampo stay at Nepalese Himalayan Hills.
But many of the scholars disagree that Tamang people are descendants of King Tsrong Tschong Gampo’s soldiers. One of them, Alexander Macdonald, foreigner scholar, have other perspective. According to his study, Tamangs are the indigenous inhabitants of Nepal who were here before the state formation.
The reason behind his disagreement is no one mention King Gompa in the genealogy of Tamang nationality. The Tibetans call Tamang people as ‘Rongpo’ that means foreigners that stay outside Tibet. There is a clarity that tamangs are the indigenous inhabitants of Nepal.
Other young scholar, Ajitman, define a unique perspective about word Tamang. According to him, in Tibetan language, “Ta” means “entrance/gateway” and “mang” means “large public or common people”.
In short, Tamang in Tibetan means presence of many people at the entrance or gateway. It’s proven by the settlement of Tamang people in Nepal, the border of Tibet.
Earlier, there are many various terminologies of Tamangs. ‘Murmi’ is one of term that very popular.
Tamangs speak using ‘Tamang’ language, comes from Tibeto-Burman language family. They know their script as Sambhota, regarded as the inventor of the Tibetan script.
According to the Nepal government’s census in 2001, 90.3% of the Tamangs follow Buddhism. That makes up 47.3% of the total in the country. Hence, Tamang are the largest population who follow Buddhism in Nepal.
Tamang Culture–Tamangs people follow “Bon” Dharma. It is part of Buddhism, culture and religion. They have 6 society leader which is  have a role that important for community life and development.
1. Tamba – Tamba has a role in Tamang’s wedding ceremony and looks after the cultural aspect of Tamang’s wedding.
2. Lama – Lama has a role in Ghewa or death rites.
3. Bonbo–Bonbo give respect to the local gods and goddesses and treat the sick and needy people in the village.
4. Labonbo (Laptaba) – Labonbo (Laptaba) look after the history of the lineage and clan through the worship of clan deities. Each subgroup has its own Phola or clan deity, there are different Labonbo (Laptaba) for every subgroup.
5. Choho–Choho look into cases and dispenses justice to maintain peace, security and wellbeing in Tamang’s society.
6. Ganba–Ganba takes part in many social, political and religious activities. He gives an evaluation and gives his suggestions.
He observes the various activities of society, including Tamba, Bonbo, Lama, Labtaba, and Choho. It need to make sure whether they fulfill their functions as prescribed by rituals with their best ability or not.

Walk up to Tserko-Ri Kjangjin Ri witnessing the Gigantic Mountain Langtang Lirung

langtang terkking and helicopter ride
langtang terkking and helicopter ride
Tserko-Ri Kjangjin Ri is the highest point in Langtang Valley trek. Once you react to the top, you will see Langtang Lirung, the 98th highest peak in the world. You also can see Langtang Li rung’s glacier below the peak. In the right of langtang Lirung, you can see Changbu (6251m), Tserko Peak (5749m) and Yubra (6264m) and Yalla Peak (5500m). Langtang Lirung, even though not high by the standards of major Himalayan peaks, it is notable for its large vertical relief above local terrain.
It takes between 2 and 4 hours to the top, depending on your pace and the trail conditions. Don’t forget to bring water and sunscreen, and wear layering clothes and a good jacket as there could be windy.
Most of trekker go to Kyangjin Ri to see the better views of Langtang Lirung and other peak in Langtang Himal. They go in the morning around 5.30 or 6 when sunshine start to melting the snow. Most of them need to walk up 1000m / 3200ft from tiny village Kyanjin Gomba.
There are Gompa in the foothills of Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, and Langshisha Ri. Noone can verify the age of these monasteries. It must be around six centuries old. Gompa is a term used to refer to a variety of religious buildings, including compact temple buildings and other places of worship or religious learning.
The local construction is stone and wood. The color of the building is white which is gives the gompa a natural appearance harmony with the surrounding.
There are Buddha images made of clay and metal inside the Gompa. They connect the story of Langtang and Kyanjin Gompa with Tibet. You will find an enormous stone sits in the center of the monastery. The locals community believe it is a frog, and it has been there since they built the gompa.
The prayer flags, fragrance of incense, and butter lamps making the serene ambience surrounding.
There are stories about Langtang. Centuries ago in Tibet, they would kill an ox and a nak or female yak for the feast in a wedding ceremony.
Then, both of them ran away to the Langtang area, where the nak disappeared. To bring them back, Guru Rinpoche followed them and found the Ox resting in the spot where Langtang village today.
The name “Langtang” comes from ‘Lang’ Yak and ‘Teng’ mean–to follow. It is said that Guru Rinpoche built a Buddhist shrine here. But on the way back to Tibet, the ox died at Langshisha Ri.

Eye-bird eye view of Kyajin monasteries, Gosaikunda Lake, and Kathmandu city

After finishing the trekking and reach the top at Kyangjin Ri, you can descend and back to Kathmandu using Helicopter. There are few better ways to see the sights than a scenic helicopter ride.
The highlight of Langtang Helicopter ride is an aerial view of Langtang valley. Before you reach Kathmandu, you can see 360 scenic view of dense forest, hills, langtang valley, monasteries and Holy Lake Gosaikunda from above.
Holy lake Gosaikunda is very famous for Buddhism and Hinduism followers. Gosaikunda area known as pure, holy Lake and sacred site for Hindus and Buddhist. Alpine freshwater lakes in the Langtang National Park of Nepal.
Gosaikunda lake has very clear waters. Hindus regards Gosaikunda as the home of the Hindu gods Shiva, the god of power and destruction and Gauri, the manifestations of Goddess Parvati. She is the divine energy, Mother Goddess.
Hindus believe that Lord Shiva create the lake by pushing his Trishul to the mountain to fetch the water, to calm his throat after swallow the poison.
If you want to know more about Gosaikunda, you can read my article Pilgrimage Way to Gosaikunda here.
Fly over Langtang Himalaya and Gosaikunda Lake is worth the life experience. This is the incredible experience after tired days walking up to see gigantic mountain lies on Langtang Himal. Flying over like an eagle.
It’s an original experience compare to mountain flight to see Himalayas. Because Helicopter can make us experiencing 360 panoramic view of green forest and Himalayan peaks. This possible because helicopters can take off and land vertically. Helicopters can rotate 360 degrees, hover in one place and fly at very low speeds.
To know whether helicopter ride suit for you, you can read my other article here. Is it Helicopter tour is right for you?

What you need to know before Trekking in Langtang

Langtang Trekking’s Fitness Level is Moderate

You need to be on moderate fitness level to do Langtang trekking. Doing training or walk 2 hours every day to prepare the trekking is good. Not only physical fitness, you also need to prepare mental fitness, mind and body. Mental readiness make you enjoy the journey and keep you motivated along the trails.
To do Langtang trekking, you do not require any technical training. It’s good to engaging in activities such as jumping, running, cycling, jogging, swimming, at least three weeks before your trek would help you a lot.
Langtang trekking is fit for a beginner. I see some of senior citizen also can succeed trekking in Langtang valley. However, if you are not having average physical fitness and is not used to walking for long hours at all, Langtang trek may be difficult for you.
Just remember, trekking is not competition. Take enough rest and stroll. Have a positive attitude and keep motivated.
To know your fitness level, you can do a 3-Minute Step Test to measure your fitness level. If you wish, read the article here, “Illustrated Helpful Guide: 3 Step to Choose Your First Himalayan Trek”
langtang terkking and helicopter ride
langtang terkking and helicopter ride


Langtang Trekking’s Style and Difficulty

The style of Langtang trekking is teahouse trekking. This is means you will stay at teahouse or lodge at night in every stop point. You can do with a guide or independent trekking without a guide.
Tea-house/lodge in the villages provides basic service. Compact room with 2 single bed and matrass. You can ask for blankets. It’s compulsory to eat in the teahouse. You will have dinner and lunch in this teahouse.
If you book the trekking with local agencies, local meals like Dal Bhat includes in trekking package. But you can order other food as your additional cost.
You can buy meals for breakfast on Langtang Trek around USD$3-USD$4. Meals for Lunch around USD$4-USD$5. Meals for Dinner around USD$4-USD$5. Drinking water around USD$2 and USD$6 for beer.
The typical meals for breakfast are Bread and chapatti, Fresh Soup, Eggs, Pancake, Porridge. The typical meals for lunch and dinner are same. They are Rice, Pizza, Potatoes, Noodles, Chowmein, Spaghetti, Nepal set Meal/Dal Bhat, Pasta & Macaroni, Momo, Vegetable Pizza and salad.
If you wish, you can read my article about typical food with price in Langtang trail. Here is the article, Helpful Illustrated Food: How much it cost for meals on Langtang Trek?
I suggest you to trek with a guide, especially when you are a beginner or never do trekking in Himalaya before. Guide will help you overcome difficulties may occur in your trekking.
For example, in the peak season during spring (March-May) and fall (September- November), it’s difficult to find a lodge, because sometime it’s full. So having guide from reputable company will make it easy, because he will reserve the lodge before you reach the lodge with his satellite phone.
Most of the data network and internet not working in the higher altitudes. They also will help you decide whether to continue the trekking or pause, based on your health condition.
The other importance is, well-experienced guide can read the weather in Himalayas. So it will be very helpful, because the weather in Himalaya is unpredictable.
Trekking Difficulty in langtang is moderate. It means the trail climbs rapidly so there is a risk of altitude sickness. Walk for many days with gradually increase altitudes. Even though you don’t need previous trekking experiences and it is a relatively short trek–4 days of hiking.

Highest Altitude on Langtang Trekking, Day-to-Day Itinerary and Map

The following is the day-to-day itineraries Langtang trekking combine with langtang Helicopter ride. The important thing to notice here is altitude mountain sickness. Typically altitude mountain sickness.
langtang trekking and helicopter ride gosaikunda
langtang trekking and helicopter ride gosaikunda
Occur above 2500m. Be careful when you reach Lama Hotel, it’s because the altitude going higher. Drink plenty of water and eat well.
The next point to consider is a trek from Lama Hotel to Mundu and Kyanjing Gompa to the highest point in Tserko Ri. There you will ascend about 1000m. Temperature decreases 6.5° C for every 1,000 meter ascend. There in the top, the beauty of gigantic mountain Langtang Himal, waiting for you to make it. Stroll and remember that trekking is not competition. A gradual ascent will allow our body to acclimatize to higher altitudes and the decreased oxygen supply. If you can, discuss with your agencies and guide to go no higher than 300 – 400 hundred meters (984 – 1,312 feet) daily and have a rest after each 1,000 meter (3280 feet) ascent. Or ask them to manage your itinerary and make sure your health and safety come first.
Medication also can help you overcome mountain sickness because walking or ascend too higher. If you have symptoms, stop and rest where you are and do not go any higher for at least 24 to 48 hours. Take ibuprofen or paracetamol, if you have a headache. If you feel sick or nausea, take an anti-sickness medicine, such as promethazine.
Make sure you’re drinking enough mineral water 3-4 liters of water a day. Do not smoke, drink alcohol and caffeine because it can lead you to dehydration. Enjoy it later when you reach Kathmandu.

Best time for Langtang Trekking combine with Helicopter Ride

Spring and fall are the best choice for Langtang trek. Fall occurs in September, October, and November, while spring occurs in March, April, and May.
Spring and fall give us a very pleasant trekking temperature. The weather and temperature vary from 15 to 20 degrees, which is very bearable for trekkers.
If you want to trek in other seasons like winter (December to February) and monsoon (June to August). Consider that the trails will be muddy or snowy. Weather and temperature could be chilly and clouds cover the peaks. It makes trekking bit harder.

What it looks like riding a helicopter to Langtang

The highlight point flight with helicopter and see eye-bird view of Langtang Valley, Gosaikunda Holy Lake, valley, hill, forest and Kathmandu city. It gives us feeling flying like an eagle.
It is a new, unforgettable experience because its offers great visibility and its lower cruising speed that give us adventurous experience.
Sometime, helicopter make dramatic moving that you can see and feel. One minute you can see the horizon and the next second you don’t. It creates an exhilarating feeling like riding a rollercoaster.
It could be easy to feel sick for you, if you are prone to motion sick. If you wish, you can read my article about remedies for a helicopter ride here.
If you can, choose a middle seat if it is possible and take preventive-medicine.
langtang terkking and helicopter ride
langtang terkking and helicopter ride

Recommended Booking

Local Tour and Helicopter Agency in Nepal–Mountain Hike Nepal

Mountain Hike Nepal is trekking and tour agency I used to arrange my travel journey in Nepal. Here I try to summarize the benefit and flexibility if you are booking with local agency, mountain hike.
The benefit of booking with local agency mountain hike Nepal:
  • Flexibility to discuss your itineraries based on your preferences. You can ask about cost, time and the list related to your trip and get free suggestion before you book. You can get information faster and comprehensive, because you speak with travel advisor. Compare to international company or online travel agencies (OTA) like Klook, Get your Guide, Tour Radar and Trip Advisor. Here you must speak with customer services first before your messages pass to the agencies and it takes longer compare to address to agencies.
  • There is no third party and intermediaries between you and the company /agency, so you are not charge for hidden cost.
  • Price is more affordable and you can custom based on your budget. Some price list in OTA look cheaper, but you need to be careful whether you are joining in a sizeable group over 10 peoples. Clear understanding about policy and cancelation. Flexible to negotiate before your book.
  • Book now, pay later policy and additional complimentary. Most of trekking and tours that arrange by Mountain Hike Nepal, have complimentary services and have a special policy about book now and pay later.
  • Booking with local agencies means you contribute to help them develop their country. This is part of eco-sustainable traveling. You are not only travel for adventure but also giving benefit to local communities.
The things to consider before you are booking with local agencies is making sure its legal company. You also can make some conversation with a trip planner about your inquiry. Try to ask as much as you need the information.
If you can get obvious information, then you can go. But if they do not satisfy you with the answer and they look like to make your inquiry like not important and just skip so much information, then consider getting another agency.
If you wish, here is the link to get a special price to experience langtang trekking combine with Helicopter ride by mountain hike Nepal.

International Company or Online Travel Agencies (OTA)

You also can book from international agency or online travel agencies. There are hundred trekking and tour companies both local agencies in Nepal or outside Nepal which is registered in online travel agencies like tour radar, Get Your Guide, trip advisor and Klook.
The difference between international agencies and local agencies are:
  • Custom trip may not applicable
  • The price sometimes is more expensive. For the same itinerary, the price is much higher. This is because they are third party or act as an intermediate between you and tour companies. The international company need operational and marketing cost, that’s why the price is higher. OTA get a fee or commission from every success booking. That’s why tour companies sell the tour more expensive.
  • Sometime it’s difficult and have delay to ask or discuss your trips. It’s because they are third party. Even they have a messaging platform in their sites, but it need time for tour agencies to reply your inquiry.
  • You only can communicate through their messaging platform. Some peoples more convenient to talks and chat through WhatsApp, rather than install or open browser every time need to ask about the tour.
  • Hundred tours available. You can choose and sort based on the price. But keep in mind, some companies that sell their tour in cheap price, they put you in an enormous sharing group, when you are booking the trek. Sometimes go in a sizeable group, over 10 peoples, is not preferable, because possibilities of delay.
  • Flexibility on Online Payment or credit card option. Some local companies not have the flexibility of online payment or credit card option.
  • Cancelation fee may applicable once you book the tour.
If you are not having references of local companies, then you can try to book from OTA. Just see the price and rating, cancelation policy and term condition before you book.
Here are resources pages, booking Langtang trek from online travel agencies like GetYourGuide, tour radar and trip advisor/aviator. I arrange the tours based on the companies in that page, so it easy for you to look.

Other References About Trekking and Helicopter rides

The following are my other articles that you can read related to langtang trekking and a helicopter ride:
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